Best Corporate Social Media Practices

At the IABC Innovation in Corporate Communication and Social Media Summit, held on April 5th, 2011 at the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, companies such as Southwest Airlines, Pitney Bowes and State Farm Insurance spoke on their experience of merging social media within their company. Integrating social media with traditional media is a daunting task that many companies fear. Below are some essential items needed in order to succeed in the social media world.

1)   Let your employees be creative

  • Integrate social media into your company and allow employees to play with it
  • Allowing employees to do this, will increase communication with your customers. Ultimately creating relations between your company and its customers.

2)   Find out where your customers are communicating, then start talking with them

  • Meet them halfway
  • Talk to them as if they were a friend
  • Make sure your employees know how to communicate properly through social media

3)   Determine if your brand is on the right track and ready to go social

  • Make sure your brand aligns with your company’s mission statement and goals
  • Your actions online should be honest, genuine and clear
  • The main reason for doing something should be for the benefit of your audience

4)   Scan and compare

  • Question your organization’s social media influence
  • Determine if social media has any effect on your customers
  • Compare yourself to your adversaries

5)   Customers want peer to peer conversations, not customer to company conversations
(pdf here)

Another resource relevant to corporate social media practices is the article Social Media ROI : 10 companies that made it work

–posted by Liz Bixby

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