Transparency in Social Media

For the realm of corporate social media, transparency is becoming a cornerstone for successful public interaction and trust. In DiStaso and Bortree’s: Multi-method analysis of transparency in social media practices, they examined the use of transparency in communication practices in order to build and establish public trust. To do so the corporation must: be truthful, objective, accountable, and interact with stakeholders.

The use of social media to establish transparency is viewed as a low cost tactic that results in a high impact for the organization. The inherent nature of social media is transparent due to its public character, allowing individuals to communicate with the organization in a less formal interaction.

DiStaso and Bortree examined how corporations can incorporate transparency in their social media campaigns. They examined what social media technology was used by award winning campaigns and to was frequency of the winning campaigns used which form of technology. The most commonly used forms of technology were Blogging, followed by Twitter and Facebook.

Government 2.0, by Bonson, Torres, Royo, and Flores, discuss how governments can increase their transparency through the use of various social media platforms. By doing so, citizens are empowered to engage and trust their government. Being transparent is credited with increased accountability.

Developing a portal for the public eye into the corporation, companies are able to establish a more positive and open relationship with audiences, such as consumers, staff, and corporate partners. As discussed by DiStaso and Bortree, the corporation must do more than just release the information, but to communicate in order to shape understanding.

–posted by Emily Lucas-Fitzpatrick


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