Blogger Influence on Fashion Marketing

Blogging is nothing new, but some fashion bloggers have set themselves apart in the fashion community as tastemakers. Bloggers can be an incredible promotional tool for fashion brands.

The article Fashion Brands Incorporate Bloggers in Outreach Design discusses the importance of bloggers in marketing strategies and communications for fashion brands. Brands are now not only paying bloggers for product placement, they are asking them to play a part in communication campaigns. This means asking bloggers to do things such as participate in design collaborations, walk the run way, or get exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Bloggers make fashion attainable to girls who are looking for a realistic style. It’s important when bringing bloggers in that you find someone with an authentic voice that is a good fit for your brand. To find the right voice, brands should look at other influencers on other social media networks. There is already an interested and engaged fashion community out there, so the brand should be a part of it by interacting with the people who care what is being said. These bloggers also are more likely to reach an audience that may have not otherwise heard of the brand, which could ultimately increase product purchases.

In the video below, Lucky Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley discusses how fashion bloggers have been brought in to work directly with the magazine.

Lucky Magazine realized the need for integration between print and digital so they launched an initiative to reach out to bloggers. The magazine doesn’t just want to sell ad space, they want to actually bring bloggers into the magazine.

Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley recognized that bloggers are creating a whole new tier of content, and you can either ignore that content or you can recognize and work with it. There is a sharing of audience between magazine readers and the fashion bloggers. The magazine’s audience is greatly expanding not only by the blogger’s followers reading material, but also by the blogger’s followers passing on material to their peers.

Women want to share about their lives, especially in relation to fashion. Working with fashion bloggers is a great way to reach the fashion community when women want to hear from their peers, not just an editor.

–posted by Megan Learn

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