Fashion Designers and Pinterest

Fashion designers are becoming more and more engaged with social media than ever before to express new ideas and aspects of their lives.  A fashion designer’s ideas are constantly about visuals. These visuals stretch from the runway, to photo shoots, the models, and beyond.    Fashion designers and their brands are taking strategic measures to gain reputation and authority using Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the fastest and most popular trends in social media.  Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard.”  User’s can bookmark their favorite images from different sites or upload their own images by “pinning” them into specific categories.  These categories are called “boards.”  The user can also search throughout Pinterest and “re-pin” someone else’s photo they like as well.

Jessi Hempel points out an extremely unique feature of Pinterest in her article Is Pinterest the Next Facebook.  She says site helps users to find and share new ideas and promote new things they could buy in the future. Isn’t that the ideal goal for the fashion designer?  It is the fashion designer’s job to let their audience know what are the latest trends and what styles are up and coming.  This medium of social media allows the fashion designer to not just talk about new styles or trends, but, actually show them in quality high definition images.  The audience gets a unique, behind the scenes snapshot of different aspects of being a fashion designer.

Fashionista writer Emily Singer says obtaining a Pinterest account will be vital for all designers in the future.  It is a great medium to connect with key publics such as regular customers, potential customers and even retailers.  Reaching these audiences is a key for fashion designers.  According to this video clip by MDGadvertising, most people on Pinterest are women ages 25-35 age range.  It had the most unique visitors and had the ability to drive the most referral traffic.

The site’s ability to reach target audiences, faster than ever before is ideal for the fashion designer.

A picture says a thousand words, but, to “pin it” means so much more in the era of social media.  Sharing featured pieces, behind the scenes activities in the studios and other exciting aspects of their jobs through modern, high definition photographs through this interactive medium is a perfect marketing tool for fashion designers.

–posted by Kendall Berton

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