Twitter: Increased Dependence by Designers

There has been a shift from traditional marketing techniques to alternative and social media in many companies. The purpose of this shift is primarily to keep in touch with their technologically-savvy publics. These new media outlets include the highly visual Pinterest and Flickr platforms, and more word-intensive blogs and microblogs such as WordPress and Twitter.

Twitter, a leader amongst microblogs, limits an individual to a concise 140 characters per post, known as a Tweet. Tweets, which can include links and photos, appear on the Twitter home pages of people who follow the individual’s profile. The profile page of the individual displays everything that they have shared, or Tweeted.

Twitter for Business provides a more focused explanation for how creating a Twitter profile can be beneficial to a business. It describes everything from the jargon of the site to how a business can become a promoted account or promoted trend in order to better market their organization. Twitter provides case studies to reference how various organizations have bettered themselves through the use of Twitter. For example the web-based clothing line for men, Bonobos, increased traffic for a sale they were having through the power of promoted Tweets and Retweets by followers who received an exclusive discount for sharing information about the sale. Bonobos was able to promote their brand and sale in a low-cost manner that built a positive reputation amongst their consumer base. via social media.

The fashion industry’s presence on Twitter is growing as designers are discovering the importance of creating and being a part of the conversation. Designers are moving beyond the mysterious stereotypes of the past to a more present and interactive image. An interview with Michael Kors in The Digital Design Age describes how he is able to create a relationship with his constituents through sharing his life, designs, and inspiration on his Twitter page. Kors, along with other designers, recognize that platforms like Twitter are becoming essential to their businesses.

The article From Radio to Runway: Twitter’s Role in Arts and Entertainment gives many examples of how this social media is impacting the fashion industry. Direct communication and engagement with consumers through Twitter leads to greater brand awareness and consumer confidence in the organization. For the Diane von Furstenberg Studio Twitter account, the primary voice is Diane herself due to how tied to the brand she is as an individual and designer.

When used effectively, Twitter can open up a brand to its consumers and potential customers, creating a more personal connection to the outward expression that is fashion.

–posted by Emily Lucas-Fitzpatrick


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