YouTube: The Hot New Trend in Fashion

New York Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out were two of the biggest events this season. Stars and fashionistas alike attended these exclusive events and got the inside scoop on upcoming trends. However, most of us aren’t as lucky to attend these type of events. What are we to do? Well, my friends, the answer to that is YouTube.

YouTube has always been a great social media tool that can help promote your brand. Recently, more and more fashion designers have been adding their runway videos to YouTube. This lets viewers at home feel as if they are a part of the action. It provides customers the chance to see all the latest trends and to know what is going on in the fashion industry. YouTube videos are also embedded on Facebook and blogs alike, making it a social media tool that is versatile and appealing. Watching videos is a different kind of engagement as opposed to reading a tweet or a facebook post. Watching these videos requires use of two senses, hearing and seeing, as opposed to the one sense, seeing, used on other social media platforms. This increase in stimulation makes for a deeper engagement in the media. YouTube is a great way to showcase clothing because of the visual nature behind clothing; consumers are given the opportunity to see the clothing in action, so to speak.

One company that recently created a YouTube network is Nine West. They created the Channel 9 YouTube Network in order to engage the fashion-obsessed. In the article, Nine West Takes Big Digital Step With New Fashion YouTube Channel, an overview of this new technology is given. Branding and providing entertainment to their viewers are the goals of this network. Channel 9 offers series of videos including “Kate’s Kartel,” “Shoe Hoarders,” “You’ve Been Schooled,” “Fashion Gods,” “Just Trippin” and “What is REALLY on the Red Carpet?” These programs give viewers behind-the-scenes access to events where viewers never could have gone before. The brand ambassador to Nine West, Kelly Cutrone, will also have a video series giving advice, news, and current information on the clothing company.

Users will be able to interact and access Channel 9 through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well. This will be a unique experience and will give them the opportunity to decide where they want to go. Nine West’s use of multiple social platforms along with their use of traditional advertising will help them reach their goals of branding and providing entertainment to their viewers. Good luck Channel 9!

Last year, Fashionista came out with “The Fashion Video Awards” picking the top ten fashion videos of the season. Fashion designers are now implementing videos along with their print ads to increase brand awareness, such as providing the YouTube link on an advertisement in Vogue. It also provides viewers the opportunity to see the clothes in action. YouTube is a great tool for fashion designers and the fashion industry because it visually shows off the clothes, invites viewers into the world of fashion and is a low cost way to advertise (which is never a bad thing).

— posted by Liz Bixby

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