French Connection & YouTube

The company French Connection UK has always taken creative risks, and in their newest conquest, they are channeling their brand with the use of YouTube. Their development of YouTique, a play on the words “YouTube Boutique,” has brought in higher per average sales than any other social media channels they use. Louise Roe, the stylist for French Connection, is present in each video and gives viewers the opportunity to learn how to style, wear and buy each item of clothing seen on the screen. This is an inventive way to get viewers to buy their products. The involvement of YouTube’s pop-up buttons clarifies ideas conveyed in these videos. These elements engage their most avid customers and allow for an individualized experience.

YouTique is original in design and has been making the digital connection with their customers. One thing that French Connection understands is how to correctly channel their brand towards their customers. Many of their customers are on YouTube, leading to the increase in sales. French Connection is interactive with their YouTique; this involvement with their customers led to them they are leading the way in a new shopping experience. Many high-end retail companies should follow their lead, as YouTube is the next big thing in online advertising.

The article, the First YouTique?, provides insight on French Connection’s unique YouTube channel. Video advertising today is a powerful tool that intrigues the consumer and urges them to act after the video is over. The fashion industry and use of YouTube make a great marriage because they both visually capture their audiences. The videos on YouTique are aimed to ask the viewer basic questions, such as “What do you want to get dressed for?” then they have the option of “I want to….shine on a night out” or “I want to…wow people at work.” These options engage the customer and keep them excited because they don’t know what they’re going to get. French Connection has also optimized their YouTique with search engine optimization. This method helps drive in potential consumers – a key to their success!

Below is a sample of YouTique. Take a look!

— Posted by Liz Bixby

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