Blogger Does It All

Fashion bloggers have made a lot of noise in the industry, gaining a lot of attention from brands. One girl in particular, Tavi Gevinson, is the ultimate example of fashion blogger success. At age 11 Tavi started her first style blog Style Rookie. The blog featured pictures of her outfits, writing about inspiration music and images, and her thrift store shopping experiences. Her blog became a huge success and even Miuccia Prada, Lady Gaga, and Courtney Love were reading it.

The article The Oracle Girl of the World discusses Tavi Gevinson’s success and story. By age 13, Tavi had gained so much attention and was considered so influential in the blogger world that she was invited to attend Fashion Week. This received some backlash from “old-timers”, confused as to why a girl was given so much attention for something that seemed as trivial as a blog. Since age 11, Tavi has gone far in the fashion world. In addition to being invited to sit front-row at fashion week, she interviewed Rei Kawakubo in Tokyo, has been profiled by the New York Times, starred in a video for Rodarte’s Target clothing line, given a TED talk, and taken a blog tour across America. By age 15 she started her own web magazine for teenage girls, Her success as a blogger is incredible, but the content she has been given access to because of it is even more so. Because her influence was so great, the fashion world decided she was not someone to be ignored.

This video further reports on Tavi Gevinson’s story and the opportunities she was given as a fashion blogger. When she was given a front-row seat at Fashion Week, some editors accused her of not being the author of her own blog while others questioned why she was there. She was given exclusive access and interviews with designers and models, getting a lot of exclusive content out to her audiences. As different people are interviewed, it is apparent that regardless of what people are saying, Tavi is a fashion success.

Tavi has paved the way for fashion bloggers. Bloggers are now given the opportunity to interact with and be part of the exclusive fashion world. Fashion bloggers can no longer be ignored because of the influence they carry with their audiences. They are now given access to designers, participate in clothing line collaborations, and get exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Tavi is the perfect example of how successful including fashion bloggers can be. Her exclusive access to the runway and to designers made her famous, but it also made bloggers an important tool for fashion.

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