DKNY Dominates Twitter

Aliza Licht exemplifies how a fashion brand can utilize Twitter to create and maintain a relationship with followers. P.R. Girl Revealed as P.R. Executive shares how Licht was able to develop the Donna Karan brand into a social media icon in the fashion industry.

The senior vice president for global communications at Donna Karan International has recently revealed herself as the face behind the DKNY PR girl account. She had been sharing her inside access to hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter; tweeting about the inner workings of Donna Karan with sass and style. She has shared the hectic behind-the-scenes of fashion shows and fittings to the intimate detail of her daily life. Licht created DKNY PR girl into who young, fashion focused women wanted to become and be friends with.

Licht is a prime role model for the integration of Twitter and fashion. She received awards for Best Twitter and Best Blog by a fashion brand at the Fashion 2.0 Awards, hosted by the blogger network: Style Coalition.

For DKNY PR girl, Licht uses a less formal and more personable voice, she sounds feminine yet knowledgeable. She has taken note of how social media breaks down the traditional conversation structure into a more open access web. To take advantage of this, she has even used her Twitter account to make contacts within the fashion industry with fellow social media conscious individuals, such as InStyle’s Ariel Foxman.

Licht managed an online viewing party for the People’s Choice Awards, monitoring and taking advantage of conversation about the brand on Twitter. She demonstrates how you need to be apart of the conversation and present because its happening whether you do or don’t.

Burberry’s CEO Angela Ahrendts is another executive who has been able to tackle the world of Twitter and social media to bring about more attention to the brand by a younger, tech-savvy audience. Beth Kowitt’s article, Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts: High tech’s fashion model, describes how the CEO pushed to create the iconic brand into something more innovative and interactive. In taking new approaches to sharing the brand, they have had Tweet-walks where they shared images of their models on the runway with their Twitter followers. The changes have lead Burberry’s social media presence to boom, having the most Twitter and Facebook followers by any luxury brand as tracked by Stylophane.

Twitter is demonstrating itself as a dominant platform in social media that will distinguish the successful and tech-savvy brands from their counterparts.

–posted by Emily Lucas-Fitzpatrick


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