Marketing Through Facebook

Social media is used by clothing companies to get the word out to their constituents because it’s a simple way to reach thousands, perhaps millions, of people at one time. Like stated in a previous blog post, it’s almost unheard of in this day and age for people to not have a Facebook.

Louis Vuitton knows their way around Facebook, according to this article by Social Media Today, Social Media: the Main Runway for Fashion Industry.  In spring 2010, the company introduced their new clothing line on their Facebook page, but only to members who had “liked” the page. This was an awesome idea because it solidified the company-consumer bond by rewarding their already loyal fan base, and those that did not already “like” their Facebook had to go to the page and “like” it before they were able to see the new line, thereby becoming new fans on the Facebook page.

Louis Vuitton was also the first luxury clothing company to broadcast a runway show on their Facebook page. This broadcasting made it possible for millions to see the show and to leave comments in real-time regarding the clothing. These influencers were able to share their ideas with the company and with other fans on the Facebook page.

Diane von Furstenberg saw a 13% rise in their website traffic and sales upon creating a social media presence for the company, according to this article.  Having the link from the Facebook page to the official website for the company drove those visiting the Facebook page to the website, where they could buy the clothing that they had seen on models on Facebook. This also creates a bond between the retailer and the constituents.

Victoria’s Secret has one of the most prominent social media presences for a clothing company, according to this article, How the Fashion Industry is Embracing Social Media. They are active on many social media platforms. For example, their Facebook has about 17 million likes on Facebook. The company also uses Twitter and YouTube to reach its audience. Having this broad online reach really helps to facilitate conversations between the company and the consumers and to help the company get feedback from the customers about what they want from the company.

More and more companies are getting immersed in the vast environment that is online social media. For example, Marc Jacobs had even created a badge on Four Square called the “Fashion Victim” badge for users that check into their area during New York Fashion Week. Levi’s uses Instagram to connect to its consumers and to share new products. Forever21 has a company blog that they use to talk about what’s going on in their company and to discuss trends in fashion and practices in other companies.

The most important thing to remember when getting involved in social media is just to know your audience. If your target audience is similar to the average American, you’re going to need to have a Facebook. Researching the audience leads to the best decision being made regarding the social media platform being used and leads to the best results!


— Posted by Beckie Sweet

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