Michael Kors and Pinterest

In an era of such information overload Pinterest is a breath of fresh air.  According to the article Social Media: Should your business be on Pinterest by Michael Chevy Castranova, he believes it is an aid to help people discover, share, and cultivate things we are interested in. It is not difficult to grasp why so many fashion designers are flocking to Pinterest.  This site was made for them, especially, Michael Kors.

Michael Kors is one of the most prominent and well-known fashion designers of the decade and is no stranger to social media.  Pinterest is his newest endeavor.

According to How to Build a Pinterest Promotion by the Multichannel Merchant Exclusive Insight, there are key components to keep in mind while creating a successful Pinterest which are update content, and compare results.

Maria Tabaka also gives tips on what kinds of photos to post in her article Why Pinterest Should Matter to You.  She says that it is important to put up beautiful images of lifestyle, employees and encourage customers and followers to upload their own photos.

Michael Kors is dominating in all of these concepts.

Michael Kors includes relevant, high quality images of his products, inspiration and upcoming events but also images that give a glimpse into his lifestyle as a fashion designer.  He has special boards categorized from bags, to fashion shows and events, as well as backstage moments from shows and recent trips to other cities around the world.

Michael Kors is also aware to the crucial tactic of monitoring the sphere and competition.  He is following about 50 other pages including fellow colleagues in the industry Bergorf Goodman, Nina Garcia, J. Crew, and Nordstrom.  Not just following, he has also had re-pinning activity from these same pages.

His boards are full of high quality images promoting his products, models and even fashion shows.  All boards are consistently updated within a week or so.  He is maintaining his presence and does not let more than a day or two pass between updates or uploads. It shows that he is committed to the site, to his followers and also to whom he is following.

The article Michael Kors boosts runway show reach with digital campaign by Kayla Hutzler noted that one of the most successful uses of his Pinterest account was during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012 by using a specialized board entitled All Access New York Fashion Week.  What made this board unique was that he was including shots of runway, models getting their hair done and close ups on clothes and even attendees at his show.  Followers were able to get a glimpse of what goes on to every aspect of a fashion show besides the catwalk.

Pinterest is ideal for the fashion design industry.  The industry needs to pay particular attention to Michael Kors.  He is dominating the Pinterest arena while also incorporating other social media like Twitter and Facebook.  His page is all about him and the company and his updates are consistent and timely.  He is someone to learn and watch out for in the era of Pinterest.

written by Kendall Berton

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