Lessons to be Learned from Automobiles

Fashion designers and the industry have taken significant leaps to utilize social media to connect to users and expand their businesses.  There are so many other industries all over the world that have grown their social media practices and customs.  Some industries, like the automobile industry, have been using social media before the fashion industry. It is important to learn from other industries.

Many experts, CEO’s and PR professionals in the automobile industry have taken the time to note some of the best practices.  Numerous professionals in the automobile industry believe that social media is not just a fad and it is something to pay attention to.  These practices can certainly be applied to fashion designers new to social media, especially dealing with marketing practices and maintaining conversations.

In an article by Steve Finley, Best Way to Use Social Media, he spoke with the VP of Toyota discussing the changes in their marketing strategy from traditional methods.  He notes that social media more than ever is gaining momentum and separation from the traditional marketing message.  One of the biggest lessons in this industry is that social media does not accept traditional, one-way marketing approach.  Traditions are changing, and they are changing fast.

Josh Cable discussed the importance of the two way conversations with customers in Fueling Auto R&D with Social Media.  He says that blogs, discussion boards and forums are a great way to become interactive.  He places a great emphasis on the aspect of listening.  He quotes Erich Marx from Nissan discussing how different brands are turning their ears on, and are willing to be more open, and learning that through this process they will soon be ahead of the curve.

As Rachel mentions on Skimlinks, Under the Hood- Best Practices for Automotive Blogs and Forums, mentions that it is important to maintain the discussion.  Using blogs, discussion forums are key for upholding the discussion.  It helps to stay focused and connected with your audience.

Despite how many differences there are between the automotive industry and fashion designers, key elements and practices of social media can benefit both parties.  It is important to span the environment to spot potential opportunities for success and lessons to learn.

written by Kendall B.

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