Old Spice’s New Image

P&G wanted to transform the Old Spice brand into a good that millennials would use, and not just see it as a product for their dads and grandfathers. In order to access this technologically savvy audience, Old Spice needed to go social.

Cash-Strapped Millennials Curate Style via Social Media focuses on the differing mindset of this young, technology-driven audience.  Millennials want to identify with a brand, from the way it looks to being able to relate to the brand’s identity. This audience focuses on sharing content and a sense of community, which they find online. So the brand needs to find its consumers, not the other way around.

As described in CPG Brands: Winning Big with Social Media Marketing, Twitter and Facebook are the most common social media platforms used by Consumer Packaged Goods. These two platforms in particular have proven themselves key in increasing consumer engagement with brands. Old Spice is one of P&G’s success stories in positively using social media through transforming the brands image to increasing engagement with fans.

In Five Marketing Lessons From Old Spice, Smith identifies key aspects in the success of Old Spice’s social media turn around. Success is found though engaging fans and listening to the consumers from their wants to ideas for the brand. Also to take advantage of other markets by connecting content through the various channels. Old Spice shared YouTube videos in response to what some followers had tweeted at them. P&G gave more to consumers than they expect and asked for, like their engagement via Twitter while also personalizing responses to fans that have tweeted at the brand. Old Spice Man connect with the Web compiles a few examples of various responses to fans who’ve engaged with the brand through social media platforms.

As mentioned in DKNY Dominates Twitter, it’s important to maintain a personal voice on Twitter in order for followers to relate as well as engaging with followers, such interactions include retweeting followers and answering questions. The success of Old Spice is much like that of Burberry’s actions in order to make the luxury brand more identifiable and personal to younger audiences.

Twitter remains a dominant platform in order for brands to establish a relationship with their potential, and current, consumer base. P&G demonstrated how harnessing the power of this microblog could add to a social media campaign for their Consumer Packaged Goods, as seen in their use of Twitter and YouTube in revamping Old Spice’s stodgy image.

–posted by Emily Lucas-Fitzpatrick

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