Blogging About Hospitality and Travel

Blogging is an important social media tool for every industry, not just fashion. There is much to be learned about blogging from competing companies, but there is also something to be learned from other industries. Travel and hospitality uses blogging in a different way, but some of the same important principles also apply to the fashion industry. The travel/hospitality industry relies heavily on its customers, just as the fashion industry does. Therefore it is important to blog the way your consumers want and need, not just the way your company might think is the right way.

The article Are You Blogging Yet? discusses the overall importance of blogging in addition to the importance of blogging in the hospitality industry. The article outlines five ways to make a travel/hospitality blog successful:

  1. Talk about your destination, not just your hotel.
  2. Commit time to manage your hotel blog.
  3. Convert readers with limited time offers, discounts, and other information related to local deals – not just in relation to your hotel.
  4. Have videos and podcasts about your area.
  5. Post about your hotel under a dining category while offering an exclusive recipe from your chef.

All of these lessons can be converted for use in the fashion industry by simply replacing “your hotel” with “your brand”.

The fashion industry is much newer to social media than the travel/hospitality industry, and there is still much to be learned. The article When Travel Meets Tourism by Deepti Ruth Azariah delves deeper into blogging techniques as seen in Tony Wheeler’s Blog Lonely Planet. For example, Azariah talks about the importance of understanding the language of the industry when blogging. Understanding the language of a travel allowed him to define his blogging persona in a way that appealed to the audience he wanted. The article also discusses blogging photography, identity, and comments.

Overall the important blogging techniques remain the same industry to industry. By watching what other industries are doing, your blog may end up doing something revolutionary in your industry. Always watch what everyone else is doing.

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