The Travel Industry’s New Marketing Secret Weapon:

Using social media in publicity practices is absolutely not limited to the fashion industry. In fact, many of the same concepts can be applied to various industries.

For example, in the hospitality and travel industry, it’s easy to apply the same concepts that have been discussed in previous blog posts. The importance of knowing your audience, using up-to-date social media platforms, and providing relevant information to consumers are each applicable.

However, the travel industry has come up with a unique way to market itself.  The website,, is a new social media platform specific to the travel industry! It allows its members to interact with each other and get advice regarding travel plans with other users of the website. They can even use links to their accounts on other social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share about their oncoming trip. The website’s three main sections are restaurants, hotels, and airlines.

According to this infographic by Four Pillars Hotels, 30% of travelers use mobile applications to find deals on hotels, along with 29% who do the same for deals on airline tickets. Also according to Four Pillars, 92% of consumers trust earned media (word-of-mouth advertising, advice from family and friends, comments on social media) compared to only 47% that trust paid advertisements such as television, magazine, and newspaper ads.

These are important statistics because they help to illustrate the point of websites such as The website falls into the “earned media” category, so people are more likely to trust information gained. People are more likely to trust earned media because it comes from real people who have already gone through the process. helps consumers by streamlining the reservation process while marketing the travel company easily to other clients through social media. They use  upgrade vouchers as an incentive for people to use their service and to spread the word about the website. Their tagline, “Turn Travelers into Your Strongest Advocates,” really shows the main idea of the website: to help people achieve their goals of making reservations as cheaply and easily as possible so that they will, in turn, spread the word about the website to others who will also want to utilize the service and keep the cycle going. According to this article on Inventorspot, social media is used to analyze users by looking at their friends, comments, and photos to better understand the target audience and to better market toward them. Again, users can even link their profiles on to other social media platforms for them to share about their plans, while marketing the hotels, restaurants, and possibly even airlines.

An amazing feature that utilizes is its alert system. For example, if a customer is at a restaurant and experiences unsatisfactory service, they could post about the issue on the website. Any negative post alerts the business immediately, so the problem could be addressed before the customer even leaves their table!

Using the example given by, it’s possible to envision a possible platform for the fashion industry. This concept could be used in regard to the fashion industry by creating a forum for people who visiting clothing stores to give feedback and share that feedback with others looking for the same thing. The aforementioned alert system would be a great aspect of the fashion platform; was the store visited not clean? Were the bathrooms horrendous? Did the clothing that was inside not match up with the store’s description? A quick and simple review can help both the store and potential customers to gain invaluable feedback.

Though the industries that are utilizing social media can be quite different, the basic ideas behind going about using social media are the same. Fashion can learn a lot from the way the travel industry utilizes social media and vice versa. The automotive industry can gain insight from looking into how the fine arts industry markets itself through social media. The same core principles are used from industry to industry to keep the social media ecosystem flowing smoothly.

— Posted by Beckie Sweet

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