Collaboration is Key

Bloggers really are an important tool for the fashion industry. Fashion week, label and brands, designers – bloggers are going to write about you whether you interact with them or not. But as social media and the blogging world continue to grow, the impact bloggers have on their audiences does as well. Creating a mutual relationship with a fashion blogger allows you both to capitalize off of each other. Bloggers can expand their audience and popularity with exclusive content and personal fashion experiences. Brands/labels/designers can get their products attention with an audience they would otherwise never be able to reach. There is a large audience interested in fashion, and for them the prestige world of fashion seems distant and unattainable. They live in the world of fashion through blogger experiences and social media exclusives and updates.

The article Blogging Lessons Learned From Carine Roitfeld discusses how bloggers have changed the fashion industry. People have become increasingly curious and have a need to know everything. Blogs give ordinary people with a strong personality and character a voice. Bloggers have more freedom to collaborate especially when they aren’t tied down to one particular company, and more collaboration creates a more interesting blog.

The article How to Capitalize Your Blog: Lessons From the Fashion Front discusses the importance of bloggers to the fashion industry. The article contains a list of the top ten fashion blogs, all with one thing in common: the bloggers have a personal passion for fashion and social media. It is important to collaborate with bloggers that are genuine, have a personal voice, and practice transparency. The article also lists important lessons in order for a fashion blog to be successful and profitable.

The article Blogger’s power on display at New York Fashion Week reiterates the importance of collaboration between brands and bloggers. The article uses fashion blogger Leandra Medine’s experience as an example of how much authority and following fashion blogger icons have. Medine is big on collaboration, and as a result she gets a lot of attention for brands and designers. At the same time she furthers her popularity and authority among readers by offering exclusive, behind-the-scene content and offering an insight into the exclusive fashion industry.

It is important to remember blogging is not the most important social media tool. Even blogger Medine gains a large following by using Twitter and Instagram. But bloggers are only growing in popularity with their audiences and their importance is continually recognized by brands/labels/designers. Collaboration is beneficial for everyone.


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