Lessons learned: Photo-sharing

This blog focuses on the practices of social media and how fashion designers are utilizing Web 2.0. There has been a lot information and discussion regarding general practices, specific examples and technologies and examples of specific fashion designers.  It is important to reflect and note important lessons learned.  One of these lessons is that sharing photographs is becoming extremely vital to contribute to social media as a fashion designer.

Photos have been a major aspect of the fashion industry.  From advertisements to magazine spreadsheets, photos are the dominating factor.  In today’s era of modern technology and smart phones, snapping and sharing images is more common and frequent than ever before for both the fashion designers and their fans.

In an article by Mark Brandeau, Chains Boost Engagement on Photosharing, he discusses in this ever-increasing trend.  He also mentions that more and more brands area encouraging sharing photos that also provide a reward system for people sharing these images of the brand.

Sharing photos is a trend that is not going to slow down at any point. We have discussed many different mediums of social media that optimize sharing photos such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram is also on the rise when it comes to sharing images.  Instagram is a free application to share photos, and post them to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

As Samuel Greengard discusses in his article, Fashion Shoot, how a company is utilizing the technology to share images.  The Las Angelas based boutique called Shopatrend has recently obtained an Instagram account.  The owners, Jennifer, Elizabeth, and Victoria Acosta have faith in their new social media.  These ladies talk about how the albums on Instagram are a direct representation of their image and what their company is all about.  They enjoy the visual aspect of photos, rather than their customers reading through pages and pages of a website. The owners strive to have images reflect their brand personality and mentality.

The photograph is a powerful tool to use in partner with social media.  Images help provide a backstage pass for viewers, increase transparency and help create a personality for the brand in a direct way.  When customers and viewers share images, it aids interactivity and buzz about the brand.  Photos are being utilized in all aspects and venues of social media and is an aspect to really take note of as a fashion designer.

written by Kendall Berton


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