The Impact of Twitter on Communication

Over the series of posts, I have discovered the importance of social media on organizations, with its growing impact in the fashion industry. Social media has established a role as a uniting force between brands and their customers by opening up communication and breaking down the formal structure of conversation in a previously elitist community.

I have focused my research on the microblogging social media platform, Twitter, and its emergence as a necessary tool for communication. Interactive or reactive? Marketing with Twitter‘s research has outlined much of what I have discovered about Twitter’s contributions. It’s less formal structure leads to greater interactivity between brands and their followers. For example, one personal response to a tweet can still be seen by many thus followers can recognize the directness of communication without being directly apart of the conversation. This shows that Twitter is most valuable for external communication with customers while also being a powerful medium for response that can result in viral marketing due to the ability to be retweeted.

Memo to Marketers:Quantitative Evidence for Change. How User-Generated Content Really Affects Brands highlights how User Generated Content, or UGM, is becoming a medium for a brand to establish and share content. Twitter is becoming a primary platform to exchange material, along with blogs and YouTube. Brands can create a feedback loop and in turn impacting how the brand is perceived by consumers due to how they provide greater transparency by sharing such content.

The relationship between brands and their consumers is constantly evolving through the use of social media and UGC. Twitter is one way for brands to open up the conversation and develop a greater sense of transparency amongst their fan groups, as a result a more positive perception of the brand.

— posted by Emily Lucas-Fitzpatrick

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