Videography: An Imperative Investment

Videography is the newest social media tool that fashion designers and bloggers are using. The cost of creating a video and sharing it around the web is low compared to other traditional advertising methods. Motion pictures and lookbooks are slowly becoming more visible in fashion collections.

Red Square Visual Arts, a Florida-based fashion video production company, is currently creating web-based video lookbooks. These lookbooks are breaking the boundaries of former two-dimensional images and giving their audiences a visually appealing three-dimensional moving picture.

Dear Earth hired Red Square Visual Arts to produce a promotional video for them. The video was featured on multiple fashion blogs and was promoted on social networking sites. Dear Earth is able to track the trajectory of their promotional video from the Internet traffic online. Videography is a unique tool where marketers can track the most interesting part of the video (from the viewer’s perspective) and how many people are interested in purchasing their products. Fashion designers such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Victoria’s Secret are already marketing themselves online via video content.

As a corporate communicator, one most know that if you work in a visually appealing industry that adding video content to your social media packet is a must. In order to increase brand awareness, start with a short promo video that goes along with your collection. Start off small and if it turns out to be profitable, go bigger. Video increases conversions by 134% for fashion industry retailers and is an imperative investment. The multiple video conversion figures’ charts, in the article above, showed a significant improvement in percentage when fashion industry retailers’ used video content. Gaining and maintaining your audience is important, but a business’ most important goal is to keep themselves in business. If you are currently not creating video content, you are losing money. That’s the bottom line.
— Written by Liz Bixby

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