What to Remember – Fashion and Social Media

The importance of having a social media presence has been proven time and time again throughout this project. Learning what to do once you have established the social media page(s) is just as important. This blog has outlined the process and offered some techniques for making your business’ social media endeavors as successful as possible.

With this generation of young adults self-proclaimed social media addicts, the opportunity to market to them through this social media is clear. Studies such as this one from the University of Maryland have proven this addiction. The importance of capturing and holding their attention is elevated; Would you rather scroll through pictures of your friends from the weekend or be encouraged to buy some pants?

It is important to include visuals on your website for this specific reason. Pictures, videos, and infographics are great ways to capture and keep audience attention while conveying useful information. This article by Social Media Today details how once the audience’s attention is captured, the real benefits of social media marketing can be reaped.

After establishing the web page and ensuring that people will actually read the information you post, it’s imperative establish the framework for how your blog will be managed.  Who will post on the page? Who will respond to comments? How often will you post? These questions must be answered before a website is launched to ensure adequate effectiveness.

As discussed in previous blog posts and in this article by Mashable, there needs to be a conversation between the company and the viewers to make them feel involved and that somebody is listening to them. Responding to comments is an easy way to invoke this feeling.

So you’ve gotten this far, learned about social media in the fashion industry, and want to start your own social media page? Great! I hope what we’ve accomplished here will help you in your efforts. Remember: know your audience, listen to your audience, talk with them, and you’ll be fine. Throughout this project, I’ve learned a lot about the current trends in social media and I hope that you have as well!

— Posted by Beckie Sweet

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