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Design and Tailor: Fashion and Social Media

In the past, the fashion world has been elite and untouchable. The everyday person only caught glimpses through magazine ads and exclusive articles from the arts and leisure section. Fashion designers and their lifestyles were a complete mystery. Social media is finally catching up with the fashion industry, transforming the elite world of high fashion […]

Lessons learned: Photo-sharing

This blog focuses on the practices of social media and how fashion designers are utilizing Web 2.0. There has been a lot information and discussion regarding general practices, specific examples and technologies and examples of specific fashion designers.  It is important to reflect and note important lessons learned.  One of these lessons is that sharing […]

Lessons to be Learned from Automobiles

Fashion designers and the industry have taken significant leaps to utilize social media to connect to users and expand their businesses.  There are so many other industries all over the world that have grown their social media practices and customs.  Some industries, like the automobile industry, have been using social media before the fashion industry. […]

Criticism of Photo Retouching

As mentioned in previous posts, images help fuel the brands of a fashion designer.  Using social media to share photos and to help market new trends and styles is vital to a fashion designer.  However, there are some practices of photography associated with fashion designers, such as photo retouching.  Photo retouching is gaining more public […]

Michael Kors and Pinterest

In an era of such information overload Pinterest is a breath of fresh air.  According to the article Social Media: Should your business be on Pinterest by Michael Chevy Castranova, he believes it is an aid to help people discover, share, and cultivate things we are interested in. It is not difficult to grasp why so […]

Fashion Designers and Pinterest

Fashion designers are becoming more and more engaged with social media than ever before to express new ideas and aspects of their lives.  A fashion designer’s ideas are constantly about visuals. These visuals stretch from the runway, to photo shoots, the models, and beyond.    Fashion designers and their brands are taking strategic measures to gain […]

Reputation Management and Web 2.0

Before Web 2.0, upholding an organization’s reputation meant creating hype and buzzwords using strategically crafted messages or celebrity spokespersons to create trust, loyalty and positivity.  In the era of Web 2.0, maintaining the specific goals of an organization will no longer be conducted in this manner. Corporations and other organizations must change the way they […]


Welcome to Fashion & Social Media! This blog is about studying and understanding the relationship between social media and the fashion industry. This is a student-run blog focused on researching and providing the examples needed to understand the best and worst practices the industry has to offer.  Over the next few months, our team will […]