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Design and Tailor: Fashion and Social Media

In the past, the fashion world has been elite and untouchable. The everyday person only caught glimpses through magazine ads and exclusive articles from the arts and leisure section. Fashion designers and their lifestyles were a complete mystery. Social media is finally catching up with the fashion industry, transforming the elite world of high fashion […]

Videography: An Imperative Investment

Videography is the newest social media tool that fashion designers and bloggers are using. The cost of creating a video and sharing it around the web is low compared to other traditional advertising methods. Motion pictures and lookbooks are slowly becoming more visible in fashion collections. Red Square Visual Arts, a Florida-based fashion video production […]

Fine Arts’ Utilization of Twitter

The fine arts industry and the fashion industry are very similar in that they both are creative industries that sometimes have overlapping audiences. In fashion, Twitter is a highly-used social media tool that connects designers and buyers together. In the fine arts industry, Twitter is used to connect artists and buyers as well. It updates […]

Body Image & Fashions Social Responsibility

The fashion industry has always emphasized outward appearances such as the height, weight and size of a model. Being in the limelight is hard because of the continual criticism. This industry is cut throat and makes everyone feel imperfect. The fashion industry is not portraying a positive image of social responsibility. Fashion designers should be […]

French Connection & YouTube

The company French Connection UK has always taken creative risks, and in their newest conquest, they are channeling their brand with the use of YouTube. Their development of YouTique, a play on the words “YouTube Boutique,” has brought in higher per average sales than any other social media channels they use. Louise Roe, the stylist […]

YouTube: The Hot New Trend in Fashion

New York Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out were two of the biggest events this season. Stars and fashionistas alike attended these exclusive events and got the inside scoop on upcoming trends. However, most of us aren’t as lucky to attend these type of events. What are we to do? Well, my friends, the answer […]

Best Corporate Social Media Practices

At the IABC Innovation in Corporate Communication and Social Media Summit, held on April 5th, 2011 at the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, companies such as Southwest Airlines, Pitney Bowes and State Farm Insurance spoke on their experience of merging social media within their company. Integrating social media with traditional media is a […]


Welcome to Fashion & Social Media! This blog is about studying and understanding the relationship between social media and the fashion industry. This is a student-run blog focused on researching and providing the examples needed to understand the best and worst practices the industry has to offer.  Over the next few months, our team will […]