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Criticism of Photo Retouching

As mentioned in previous posts, images help fuel the brands of a fashion designer.  Using social media to share photos and to help market new trends and styles is vital to a fashion designer.  However, there are some practices of photography associated with fashion designers, such as photo retouching.  Photo retouching is gaining more public […]

Twitter: Increased Dependence by Designers

There has been a shift from traditional marketing techniques to alternative and social media in many companies. The purpose of this shift is primarily to keep in touch with their technologically-savvy publics. These new media outlets include the highly visual Pinterest and Flickr platforms, and more word-intensive blogs and microblogs such as WordPress and Twitter. […]

Is it Really That Important to Have a Facebook Presence?

Do you know anybody who does not have a Facebook? Chances are, you know a few. Do any of them not have a Facebook because they’ve simply never heard of it? Doubtful! Facebook has become so integrated into daily life in this day and age that most of us don’t even see it as a […]

Fashion Designers and Pinterest

Fashion designers are becoming more and more engaged with social media than ever before to express new ideas and aspects of their lives.  A fashion designer’s ideas are constantly about visuals. These visuals stretch from the runway, to photo shoots, the models, and beyond.    Fashion designers and their brands are taking strategic measures to gain […]