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The Impact of Twitter on Communication

Over the series of posts, I have discovered the importance of social media on organizations, with its growing impact in the fashion industry. Social media has established a role as a uniting force between brands and their customers by opening up communication and breaking down the formal structure of conversation in a previously elitist community. […]

Lack of Blogger Transparency

The relationship fashion brands have with bloggers can greatly profit both the brand and the blogger…as long as it’s done correctly. As Emily discussed in her blogpost Transparency in Social Media a couple weeks ago, the need for transparency in social media is ever-growing. Transparency is quite important in fashion blogging.  As the article Fashion […]

Transparency in Social Media

For the realm of corporate social media, transparency is becoming a cornerstone for successful public interaction and trust. In DiStaso and Bortree’s: Multi-method analysis of transparency in social media practices, they examined the use of transparency in communication practices in order to build and establish public trust. To do so the corporation must: be truthful, objective, […]